PPTD-10 Centrifuge

  • Place of Origin:, Henan
  • Custom processing:Yes
  • Brand:ZZKD
PPTD-10 Centrifuge Product Introduction

The electric motor of the centrifuge drives the basket to rotate at high speed through the belt. Under the control of a pre-programmed program, the material to be separated is sent into the basket through the feeding system.After the material is filtered through the filter medium (filter cloth / screen) under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid phase is discharged from the centrifuge through the liquid pipe, and the solid phase remains in the filter basket.The material detection device is used to detect the filling position of the material in real time. When the solid filter cake deposited in the basket reaches the designated capacity of the centrifuge, the feeding is stopped.After the solid filter cake meets the separation requirements, under a hydraulic (pneumatic) control, the scraper device removes the solid filter cake, and then the filter cake is discharged from the bottom outlet of the centrifuge.
PPTD-10 Centrifuge Product Introduction
PPTD-10 centrifuge installation

1.Install the centrifuge with a load on a foundation or ground platform.
2.It equipped with ex-button On spot.
3.The centrifuge must has a certain space for maintenance.
4.All the valves and pipe orifice flexible coupling. 

PPTD-10 centrifuge maintenance

● After running the machine for a period of time, check whether the connecting parts and fasteners are loose.
● If abnormal phenomenon is found while operation, such as violent vibration, control failure, the operator must immediately stop the machine.
● Grease should be added regularly to the bearing parts of the centrifuge.
● The corrosion of the centrifuge drum must be checked regularly. If severe corrosion or cracking is found, please contact the manufacturer in time and take effective measures to avoid accidents.
● In addition to daily inspection, the centrifuge should be overhauled every six months or one year depending on working hours and corrosion.
PPTD-10 Centrifuge Product detail

PPTD-10 centrifuge principle

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PPTD-10 centrifuge Product parameters