F-10L single layer glass reactor

The F-10L single-layer glass reactor can be subjected to vacuum stirring reaction, distillation concentration reaction, heat generation (exothermic reaction), etc.

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F-10L single layer glass reactor product introduction:

The reaction medium can be stirred in the inner layer of the F-10 single-layer glass reactor. The interlayer can be circulated through the cold heat source (refrigerant, water, heat transfer oil) to achieve constant temperature heating or cooling reaction, and the reaction solvent can be controlled. Distillation and reflux, single-layer glass reactor is the ideal test and production equipment for modern synthetic chemical, bio-pharmaceutical and new material preparation.

F-10L single layer glass reactor product details:

F-10 single layer glass reactor|single layer stirring glass reactor

F-10L single layer glass reactor features:

●Distillation, reflux can be carried out simultaneously
● Frequency control, no spark, smooth operation.
● PTFE material patent long-lasting seal, high vacuum, no pollution, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
● Constant temperature water (oil) bath heating tank, digital display intelligent temperature control.
● Large-diameter feed port for easy feeding, and can be cleaned without disassembly.
● PTFE anti-corrosion material has no dead angle design and discharge valve, which is quick to discharge, no liquid accumulation and no pollution. Large diameter feed port for easy feeding.
● The fixing and sealing between the reaction bottle and the heating tank adopts the quick loading mode, which is safer and more convenient.
●Scientific torque structure design, the fixed load-bearing between the frame and the glass component is elastic flexible connection.


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F series single-layer glass reactors are available in 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L, and can be customized to meet special requirements. F series single-layer reactor (can) can carry out various solvent synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions. The reaction part of the instrument is a steerable and fully sealed structure. It can continuously inhale various liquids and gases by negative pressure, or can be made at different temperatures. Reflux or distillation.
F series single layer glass reactor parameters

Q:What is the role of the glass reactor condenser?

A:The glass reactor condenser is a component of the refrigeration system. It is a kind of heat exchanger. It can convert gas or vapor into liquid, and transfer the heat in the pipe to the air near the pipe in a fast way. Process is an exothermic process