F-100L single layer glass reactor

F-100L single-layer glass reactor is easy to use, beautiful in appearance and economical. It is an ideal equipment for modern chemical and new material synthesis experiments.

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F-100L single layer glass reactor product introduction:

F-100L single-layer glass reactor is our company's many years of production practice, and absorbs domestic and foreign advanced experience and technology, the latest multi-purpose products, this product is easy to use, beautiful appearance, economical, is a modern chemistry, new materials Ideal for synthetic testing. The constant temperature (heat or low temperature) hot solution or coolant is injected through the oil bath (tank), and the contents of the reactor are heated or cooled at a constant temperature, and stirring can be provided. The equipment can be vacuum stirred, distilled and concentrated, separated and extracted, and reacted to heat. We can pass the condensing coil through the tap water in the oil bath to achieve rapid cooling. The material reacts in the reactor and can be controlled. The evaporation and reflux of the reaction solution, after the reaction is completed, the material can be discharged from the opening of the kettle lid or the lower discharge port of the bottom of the kettle, which is extremely convenient to operate. With large capacity and scientific and rigorous design, it can realize distillation and reflow at the same time. It is easy to operate and flexible. The modular function can be expanded to achieve multi-purpose. F-100L single-layer glass reactor is the ideal equipment for multi-functional reaction pilot production. The performance has doubled and the production capacity is beyond imagination.

F-100L single layer glass reactor product details:

F-100L single layer glass reactor features:

New glass: equipped with a new glass discharge bottom valve, no dead angle, no liquid accumulation, no leakage during reaction and discharge process
Sealing system: PTFE sealing stirrer + stainless steel frequency mixing system, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, high sealing
Cooling and cooling: pure copper cooling coil, large cooling area, cooling liquid or refrigerant, direct liquid nitrogen cooling in the bath
Easy to clean: multi-function large opening, hand can be inserted, easy to feed and clean, PTFE cover is corrosion-resistant, good sealing
Intuitive visual: bottle body 1/2 in the bath, can be seen through the upper part of the bottle, observe the reaction inside the kettle
Standard heat source: standard temperature heating system with 180 °C, no need to configure additional heat source
Universal casters: four universal casters on the bottom for easy movement


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F series single-layer glass reactors are available in 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L, and can be customized to meet special requirements. F series single-layer reactor (can) can carry out various solvent synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions. The reaction part of the instrument is a steerable and fully sealed structure. It can continuously inhale various liquids and gases by negative pressure, or can be made at different temperatures. Reflux or distillation.
F series single layer glass reactor parameters

Q:What should I pay attention to when using the reactor?

A:The reaction kettle is a kind of reaction equipment. It must be paid attention to during the operation. Otherwise, it will be damaged for many reasons, which will cause the production to be stopped. There are many aspects to be aware of in the operation of the reactor. First of all, it is necessary to strictly operate the reactor according to the rules and regulations.
Secondly, before operation, it should be carefully checked for any abnormalities. During normal operation, the upper cover and the terminals on the touch panel should not be opened to avoid electric shock; no pressure operation is allowed; during the pressure test with nitrogen, carefully observe the pressure. The change of the table, to achieve the pressure test pressure, immediately close the nitrogen valve switch; the heating rate should not be too fast, the pressure should also be slow, especially the stirring speed, only allow slow speed increase.
Finally, when the kettle body is heated to a higher temperature, do not contact the kettle body to avoid burns; the temperature should be lowered first after the experiment. Do not cool quickly to prevent damage caused by excessive temperature difference pressure. At the same time, you must unplug the power supply in time. At the same time, the reactor should be carefully maintained after use, so that the autoclave can have a better service life.