F-50L single layer glass reactor

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F-50L single layer glass reactor product introduction:

F-50L single-layer glass reactor is mainly used for material synthesis, distillation, concentration and other experiments. The inside of the kettle can be pumped to a negative pressure state as needed to meet the experimental conditions. The material is evenly dripped by adjusting the constant pressure funnel or the regulating valve on the feeding bottle. The reaction product is recovered by distillation using the heat exchange function of the condenser.

F-50L single layer glass reactor product details:

F-50L single layer glass reactor features:

1. Stirring port: PTFE sealing stirrer + stainless steel frequency mixing system, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, high sealing.
2. Cooling coil: pure copper cooling coil, cooling area 0.6M2, through the cooling liquid or refrigerant refrigeration; directly into the bath directly into the liquid nitrogen rapid cooling.
3. Multi-function port: hand can be extended, (120 or 125 flange), easy to feed and clean. Teflon cap, corrosion resistant and good sealing performance.
4. The kettle body: The bottle body 1/2 is in the bath pot, and the condition can be reflected in the bottle through the upper part of the bottle body.
5. Oil bath: Standard 180°C intelligent constant temperature oil bath heating system, no need to configure additional heat source. The four-sided hollow design makes it easy for the experimenter to operate. Casters on the bottom or 20mm rubber feet.
6. Discharge valve: Full PTFE discharge valve, no liquid accumulation, no leakage.


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F series single-layer glass reactors are available in 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 80L, 100L, and can be customized to meet special requirements. F series single-layer reactor (can) can carry out various solvent synthesis reactions under constant temperature conditions. The reaction part of the instrument is a steerable and fully sealed structure. It can continuously inhale various liquids and gases by negative pressure, or can be made at different temperatures. Reflux or distillation.
F series single layer glass reactor parameters

Q:What are the correct operating techniques for a single-layer glass reactor?

A:1. In the reaction of different media in the glass reactor, first check whether the medium has corrosion to the main material.     
The reaction to violent moments, the generation of a large amount of gas or high-temperature flammable and explosive chemical reactions, as well as high-pressure, high-temperature or medium containing chlorine ions, fluoride ions and other serious corrosion reactions on stainless steel must be specially ordered.    
Except that the glass reactor body and the jacket are transparent glass, the others are stainless steel or other metal materials;     
2. When loading the reaction medium, it should not exceed 2/3 of the surface of the kettle;     
3. It is strictly forbidden to dismantle with pressure when working or at the end! It is strictly forbidden to work under overpressure and over temperature;     
4, jacketed heat transfer oil heating, when adding heat transfer oil, please do not mix water or other liquids, should check the oil level of the heat transfer oil from time to time;
5. If there is abnormal sound inside the isolation sleeve during operation, stop the pressure and check whether the mixing system has abnormal conditions. Regularly check the amount of swing of the stirring shaft. If the amount of swing is too large, the bearing or sliding bushing should be replaced in time;     
6, according to the use of the control instrument voltage to the corresponding voltage, single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, the control line of the live line and the zero line are not reversed; can not be implemented in the power transmission wiring to prevent electric shock!     In order to ensure the normal operation of the controller and the personal safety of the staff, please connect the grounding wire! The controller itself is not explosion-proof, so avoid the inflammable and explosive environment such as oil and gas;     
7. When the final reaction temperature is determined, it is not allowed to change the temperature set value during the heating process to avoid a large overshoot of the temperature.