CJF series stainless steel high pressure reactor

Manufacturer of laboratory stainless steel high-pressure stirred tanks, producing a variety of customized high-pressure reactors, supporting personalized custom processing

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  • Custom processing:Yes
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CJF series high pressure reactor product introduction:

CJF series laboratory magnetic stirring reaction kettle is a gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid or gas-liquid-solid three-phase chemical material for chemical reaction stirring reaction device, so that various chemical materials are higher Fully agitated under pressure, vacuum, and temperature to enhance mass transfer and heat transfer.
CJF series high pressure reactor
Main features of CJF series high pressure reactor:

CJF series laboratory magnetic stirring reactor consists mainly of kettle body, kettle lid, magnetic stirrer, heater, valve, feeding port, internal cooling coil, safety blasting device, pressure gauge, control instrument and lifting device.

The main feature of the stainless steel high pressure reactor is the static sealing structure, which replaces the dynamic seal with a static seal. The stirrer and the motor drive are connected by a magnetic coupler. The non-contact torque transmission completely solves the problem of poorly sealed material leakage caused by direct agitation. The entire medium and the agitating part are completely in an absolutely sealed state.Stainless steel high pressure reactor is more suitable for a variety of flammable, explosive, highly toxic, valuable medium and other chemical media with strong penetration. It is a petroleum, chemical, organic synthesis, polymer material polymerization, food and other processes. The most ideal leak-free reaction equipment for vulcanization, fluorination, hydrogenation and the like.
CJF series high pressure reactor features:

Intelligent digital temperature control device, stepless speed regulation, speed display.
1.Mechanical and connection structure: The connection structure is connected by bolt structure or quick-opening snap ring, and the lid can be lifted, and the kettle body can be dumped or discharged.
2.Stirring method: It adopts strong magnetic cylindrical rotary coupling structure, the stirring speed is 0~1000r/min, and the mixing ability can be adjusted according to user needs.
3.Safety: The reaction kettle is equipped with a safety valve. The safety valve adopts a rupture diaphragm. The numerical value of the blasting is small, and the instantaneous exhaust speed is fast, safe and reliable. Each valve of the reaction kettle adopts a needle valve, which is reciprocatingly closed. The seal is reliable and durable. The valves of all kinds are installed reasonably, and the discharge is smooth and there is no dead angle.
4.heating method: using electric heating. Electric heating type, liquid heating type, electric and liquid heating type can also be provided according to customer needs.
5.Control system: equipped with relevant intelligent control instrument, the control instrument adopts intelligent digital control instrument to provide data acquisition and control of motor speed, reaction temperature and pressure in the kettle, with high precision, easy operation and strong anti-interference ability. .
CJF series stainless steel autoclave product details
CJF series stainless steel autoclave product details

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Product parameters of CJF series stainless steel high pressure reactor

Q:Does the laboratory autoclave support customization?

A:Yes, the laboratory magnetic stirring high-pressure reactor can be customized according to the corrosion of the medium. Hastelloy, zirconium, monel, titanium and other materials can be customized. The appearance is designed according to the needs of the axe moving type, quick disassembly type, kettle body flip Special requirements such as feed type, online feed type and so on.

Q:Conditions for replacing the high temperature and high pressure reactor?

A:During the private use of high-temperature and high-pressure reactors, if some design and use conditions are encountered as follows, the original reactor must be replaced. 1. High-temperature and high-pressure reaction kettle The wall thickness of the kettle body is uniformly corrosive and exceeds the minimum value specified in the design; 2. Local corrosion of the wall thickness of the kettle body exceeds the minimum value specified in the design, and the corrosion area is greater than 20% of the total area; 3. During the hydraulic test, the equipment has obvious deformation or residual deformation exceeding the specified value; 4. Due to alkali embrittlement or severe intergranular corrosion, cracks in the kettle or weld cannot be repaired; 5. Excessive defects (such as: serious structural defects endangering safe operation; welds are unqualified; severely incomplete penetration, cracks, etc.) and cannot be repaired.