Miniature parallel high pressure reactor

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Parallel high pressure reactor product description

Introduction to split parallel high pressure reactor:Based on the concept of maximizing laboratory productivity, high pressure and high temperature resistance, fast and efficient reaction screening, can support up to 6 sets of reaction time, working pressure up to 100 Pa.The optional precision special software can quickly and efficiently perform high-pressure reaction condition screening, catalyst screening and reaction research, which greatly improves the process development efficiency.

Split parallel high pressure reactors have been widely used in chemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer, metallurgical, environmental protection and other chemical process areas for parallel testing. Such as parallel catalytic hydrogenation, non-quantitative contrast polymerization, quantitative parallel synthesis, non-quantitative comparison esterification reaction, non-quantitative comparison of perfume synthesis, parallel supercritical reaction, and the like.
Parallel high pressure reactor

Parallel high pressure reactor product advantages

●Beautiful and elegant: the shape of the chassis is integrally molded with a mold, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed, which is not only beautiful, but also anti-corrosive and anti-static, ensuring the safety of the experiment.
● High-quality accessories: professional digital pressure gauges, temperature sensors, and high-pressure needle valves and other accessories.
● Reactor open-loop design: The universal series reactor adopts the professional open-loop design of reactor, which replaces the traditional flange seal form, improves the safety and operation convenience of the autoclave, and can be opened and closed within 30 seconds;
● Complete material selection: high quality T316SS stainless steel (316), alloy 400 (Monel 400), alloy 600 (alloy 600), alloy C276 (Halst alloy C276), alloy B-3 (Halbergite B-) 3), titanium Standard configuration (titanium) and other high quality metals;
● Complete standard configuration: including gas injection valve, gas release valve, liquid sampling valve, bottom tube, pressure gauge, temperature sensor, proportional unloading valve, stirring paddle, magnetic stirrer, etc.This configuration meets the reaction needs of most chemical processes.

Parallel high pressure reactor product details
Parallel high pressure reactor

Company and Service

We have won the praise of the new and old customers with advanced production technology, reliable product quality, reasonable price, good reputation and considerate service.
KD Machinery and Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a famous manufacturer of lab equipment located in the central China.
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After-Sales Service
* one year warranty service and all life maintenance. 
* Technical Engineer are available for oversea training.
* Free change for some parts
* Remote control technical consult
* Free installation DVD
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Packing & Delivery
The product will be packed in wooden case, and also can be packed
by others ways as your request.
Both neutral and cuistomized packing are available.

International express,such as DHL, UPS, TNT.
And you can choose the appropriate way based on your timeline and budget.
Besides, you can choose to use your own shipping agent.
Parallel high pressure reactor

Q:How to buy your miniature parallel autoclave?

A:(1) It involves professional equipment and non-standard customization, so a person answers the call and transfers it to a professional sales technical engineer for interactive communication.
(2) Sales engineer sends product configuration list and final price via email
(3) Sign a formal contract, arrange an order, arrange delivery, guide installation and commissioning
(4) Technical guidance, professional training, technical Q & A, and accessories ordering
(5) After-sales service and product upgrade