DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven

Laboratory convection vacuum drying oven is a key product of vacuum drying oven factory, providing you with vacuum drying oven series product solutions.

  • Place of Origin:, Henan
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DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven product introduction:

1、Vacuum drying oven is designed for drying of material which is heat-sensitive、easy to decompose and oxidized,It also can  rush into  inert gas to the internal, especially of some compound material can also be quickly drying.
Vacuum drying oven is widely applied in research and application fields such as biochemistry, chemical pharmaceutical, medical and health, agricultural scientific research, environmental protection and so on, for drying, baking powder and all kinds of glass containers disinfection and sterilization. Particularly suitable for the dry heat sensitive, easy to decompose, easy oxidation material and complex component objects processing fast and efficient drying treatment.

DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven technical detail:

 DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven detail
 DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven detail
 DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven detail
DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven technical advantages:
1. For samples that are not easy to dry, such as powder or other particulate samples, vacuum drying ovens can be used to effectively reduce drying time;
2. Different structurally complicated mechanical parts or other porous samples are cleaned by vacuum drying oven after washing, leaving no residual material at all;
3. Safer to use, completely eliminating the possibility of thermal explosion of oxides;
DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven use precautions
 DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven
1. The vacuum oven enclosure must be effectively grounded to ensure safe use.
2. The vacuum drying oven should be used in an environment where the relative humidity is ≤ 85% RH, there is no corrosive gas around, no strong vibration source and strong electromagnetic field.
3. The vacuum drying box studio is not treated with explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, etc., and it is not allowed to dry articles that are flammable, explosive, and prone to corrosive gases.
4. The vacuum pump can't work for a long time, so when the vacuum reaches the requirements of dry goods, the vacuum valve should be closed first, then the vacuum pump power should be turned off. When the vacuum is less than the requirements of the dry items, then the vacuum valve and the vacuum pump power supply should be turned on, and the vacuum can be continued. Extend the life of the vacuum pump.
5. If the dry items are wet, add a filter between the vacuum box and the vacuum pump to prevent moisture from entering the vacuum pump, causing the vacuum pump to malfunction.
6. Dry items, such as dry, change to light weight and small volume (small granules). Vacuum barriers should be added to the working chamber to prevent the dry matter from inhaling and damage the vacuum pump (or solenoid valve).
7. After the vacuum drying oven is used for many times, it will not be able to vacuum. In this case, the door seal should be replaced or the door buckle on the box should be adjusted to extend the distance.When the drying temperature of the vacuum box is higher than 200 °C, it will produce slow air leakage (except 6050, 6050B, 6051, 6053). At this time, the back cover of the box can be disassembled and the base of the heater can be loosened by the hex wrench. Seal the ring or tighten the heater base to solve.
8.If the rubber plug of the bleed valve is difficult to rotate, apply a proper amount of grease to the inside.
9.Except for maintenance, the left side cover (except models 6090 and 6210) cannot be removed to avoid damage to the electrical control system.
10.Vacuum ovens should always be kept clean. Do not wipe the door glass with a reactive chemical solution and wipe it with a soft cotton cloth.
11.If the vacuum drying oven is not used for a long time, wipe the exposed plating parts and apply neutral grease to prevent corrosion. Put on the plastic film dust cover and place it in the dry room to avoid damage to the electrical components and affect the use. .
12.When the vacuum drying box does not need continuous pumping, the vacuum valve should be closed first, then the vacuum pump power supply should be turned off, otherwise the vacuum pump oil should be poured into the box.

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 DZF-6050 vacuum drying oven product parameters

Q:Is drying using a vacuum drying oven better than a conventional blast drying oven?

A:When the product needs to be dried, we generally use a blast drying oven or a vacuum drying oven. The vacuum drying oven is relatively more expensive than the same size blast drying oven. Many users cannot understand the vacuum drying oven. Is it better to dry than a normal blast dryer?
When using a vacuum drying oven, the vacuum environment greatly reduces the boiling point of the liquid to be expelled, so vacuum drying can be easily applied to heat sensitive substances; for samples that are not easy to dry, such as powder or granular samples, vacuum drying can effectively shorten the drying time. Various structurally complex mechanical parts or other porous samples are washed and vacuum dried, leaving no residual substances after complete drying; safer to use - completely eliminate the possibility of oxide thermal explosion under vacuum or inert conditions The powdered sample is not blown or moved by the flowing air as compared to ordinary drying by air circulation.
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