DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven

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  • Place of Origin:, Henan
  • Custom processing:Yes
  • Brand:ZZKD
DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven product introduction:

DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven adds vacuum conditions to the high temperature drying, which greatly reduces the boiling point and steam pressure, provides a dust-free, vortex-free drying process and mild environment for the test and heating process, and also makes the solvent Steam is easy to collect, discharge or reuse.In addition, storage, heating, testing, and drying are carried out in an environment free of oxygen or an inert gas, so that the test sample is not easily oxidized.Widely used in biochemistry, chemical pharmacy, medical and health, agricultural research, environmental protection and other research fields, for powder drying, baking and disinfection and sterilization of various glass containers.It is especially suitable for heat-sensitive, oxidative decomposition and complex ingredients for fast and efficient drying.
DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven product detail
DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven product detail
DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven product detail
DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven product detail
DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven product detail
DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven product features

1. The square studio maximizes the effective area. The tempered, bullet-proof double-glazed door is used to observe the objects in the working room at a glance.
2. The box door is tightly closed and can be adjusted. The integrally formed silicone rubber door seal ring ensures high vacuum inside the box.
3, Microcomputer intelligent controller, accurate and reliable temperature control.
4, The heating power ratio can be adjusted arbitrarily.
5. It is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive and oxidizable substances, and it can also be filled with inert gas into the studio to quickly dry specific articles.
DZF-6210 vacuum drying oven
Why must pump air first then heating?
1, Pumping is for getting rid of the air, if we heat the oven first the air will be swelled. Because of the vacuum chamber sealing very well, the huge pressure from the swelled air may cause the armorplate glass doorexplode. This is a potentially dangerous. According to the first vacuumheating again operating procedures of heating, can avoid the danger. 
2, If heating first and then pumping, when the heated air is pumped theheat will be brought into the pump. That may decrease vacuum pumpefficiency. 
3, The heated air is oriented to the pressure gauge and that will cause thepressure gauge temperature rise. It may make the gauge show value error. 
The vacuum drying oven is designed for heat sensitive, labile and readilyoxidizable materials. Can be filed with inert gas and dry some ingredientcomplex materials quickly.normally the oven is widely used in the pharmaceutical, electronics and chemical industry. 


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Q:How to distinguish between vacuum drying oven, vacuum oven and nitrogen filling oven?

A:Vacuum drying ovens and vacuum ovens are all vacuum chambers. The common point is to use vacuum to cause negative pressure for workpiece processing (drying, baking, heating, curing, aging, etc.). The difference is that the vacuum oven has a higher temperature (sometimes It takes several hundred degrees Celsius), which is often used in vacuum heat treatment processes. It often requires nitrogen filling protection at the same time, and there is a nitrogen-filled vacuum oven.
The vacuum drying oven is used for drying the workpiece or the sample. The boiling point of the water under the low pressure in the vacuum state is greatly reduced, the water is easily volatilized, and the drying effect is particularly good. Sometimes appropriate auxiliary heating is required, but the temperature is not too high, and the vacuum drying oven generally does not need to be filled with nitrogen, except in special cases.
The nitrogen-filled oven is simpler and has more nitrogen-filled protection than the average oven. Nitrogen-filled oven is a new type of electric oven that can clean the constant temperature environment. It can meet the needs of electronics, medical and health equipment, instruments, factories, universities, scientific research departments and other related units for purification ovens. The nitrogen-filled oven is heated by a stainless steel working chamber and a stainless steel tube, and is purged with a protective gas to discharge unpurified gas. Therefore, the drying chamber causes a clean and uniform temperature and a dry environment, which helps to improve the quality of the sample. Used in general heat treatment, drying and other processes, the drying effect is not comparable to the vacuum drying oven.